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Our services are rotated between the two churches over the year. On each Sunday Holy Communion is celebrated in one of the churches and the Family Service, Matins or Compline is held in the other church. A warm welcome is offered to visitors and regular worshippers; after our main services coffee is served for social time together. We aim to provide a variety of services for as many 'tastes' as possible.

Our clergy usually wear cassock and surplice and we have a robed choir for the main services. This tradition is happily continued and robes are worn with dignity. In each month we offer a variety of services ranging from the very popular Family Service to the very traditional Service of Matins.

The regular service pattern is:

  • 1st Sunday Sung Eucharist (10am) Family Service (4pm)
  • 2nd Sunday Holy Communion (8am) Matins (10am) Compline (6pm)
  • 3rd Sunday Family Eucharist and Children’s Church (10am)
  • 4th Sunday Sung Eucharist (10am) Compline (6pm)
  • 5th Sunday Holy Communion (8am) Matins (10am)

For details of forthcoming services, please visit the calendar or follow us on Twitter.

We hold a Toddler’s Service on the first Thursday of the month at 9.15am in St. Luke's Parish Room.