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Martin and Ruth have ‘settled in well’ and are ‘now in the midst of stage 2 – ordering curtains, signing on with doctors and dentists and discovering where and when to buy groceries’. Martin walks to church each morning for Morning Prayer and may seek permission to officiate occasionally. We wish them every happiness in their new life, where the good folk of Milverton will, I`m sure, count themselves very fortunate!

The way forward

The churchwardens met the new Archdeacon (Tonbridge), Julie Conalty, on 9th October and were greatly encouraged by her helpful attitude and openness. She is actively seeking a stand-in priest to assist until a new one is appointed and she has offered to take our Christmas Day family service, with communion afterwards in place of the 8am service. Unfortunately, the formal process for advertising the new post (part-time priest) is temporarily on hold whilst the Archdeacon has discussion and consideration of the way forward across her area. She hopes to respond before Christmas but is supportive of our proposals and favours early national advertisement to increase the applicants. She will also be part of the interview panel with the four parish representatives.


In July, we explained that a further £20,000 per annum would be needed for a full-time vicar. Despite some very kind offers, we fell well short and will seek a part-time priest, living in the Rectory, as John Lee and Ian Harrison did in earlier years.

However, the cost of maintaining the two churches and Rectory and related utilities and other expenses are inevitably rising. Furthermore, during the current interregnum we need to pay visiting clergy for weekly services, weddings and funerals and there will be costly advertising for applicants to fill the vacancy.

As a result, we are about to send out letters and covenant forms to covenant-givers, to those on the electoral roll and many others in the parish – thanking those that have offered increases and asking all others to consider whether they can help. Every little bit helps!

If you do not receive a letter/form by the end of November, and would like to covenant, please contact any of the churchwardens.

Book of Remembrance

Entering the name of a loved one in the Book of Remembrance is a lovely way of recording a lasting memory and their name will be included in the morning prayers on each anniversary. We have not updated the Remembrance book for nearly two years and propose to do so soon, so would anyone wishing to include a deceased family member, please contact Hilary Allen Tel: 01732 463382.


Any wedding matters should be addressed to our wedding co-ordinator, Sue Coleman Tel: 01892 870435

Any pastoral matters should be addressed to the Pastoral Assistant, Carol Benton Tel: 01892 870483.