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As reported in the ‘Notices’ after recent morning services, our meeting with the Bishop, Archdeacon, Rural Dean and representatives from the rural parishes around us, went ahead on 29th November. The churchwardens and Ian Coleman attended and we were greatly encouraged by the Bishop`s proposal that the two Chiddingstone parishes should play a central role in the way forward and in co-ordinating the nearby rural parishes.

It was clear that the Archdeacon wished to be involved in the recruitment process and that this should go ahead promptly. To this end, she has just initiated a meeting with the churchwardens and PCC which we hope to hold on 4th January. This Section 11 meeting would be followed by agreeing the advertisement for a priest to be sought nationally. It is hoped to bring you further news in the next edition.

As far as pastoral matters are concerned, and without Martin’s time-consuming roving pastoral role, we feel the need to support Carol as Pastoral Assistant, particularly as a new incumbent may not be full-time. Therefore we have approached three people, one each in the Hoath, the Village and the Causeway who will be attending a training course in the New Year. More information in due course.


A very big thank-you to all of you who helped in many different ways with the various Christmas, Nativity and Carol services. Also, many thanks to David and Carol Bell who kindly donated the two Christmas trees yet again, and to the WI (St Mary`s) and the Allen family (St Luke`s) for their lovely decoration.

We continue to be particularly grateful to the visiting clergy who have helped us, often on a monthly basis, and who have fitted in so easily with our Chiddingstone ways, mud and all.


The Remembrance Book is being updated in January so anyone wishing to have their loved ones included should contact Hilary Allen (01732 463382).

Any wedding matters should continue to be addressed to our hard-working wedding co-ordinator, Sue Coleman (01892 870435).

Any pastoral matters should be addressed to the Pastoral Assistant, Carol Benton (01892 870483)

Any Christenings or other matters relating to St Mary`s or St Luke`s should go to the relevant churchwardens please (contact numbers in our local directory).