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From the Rectory

September 2017

This will be the seventy third and final ‘Notes from the Rectory’ from this current incumbent.

In the previous seventy two, readers, who are of course still awake, will have noticed certain themes; the seasons of the year, both natural and liturgical. An attempt to make the Christian faith both understandable and rational.

An appeal to our higher human instincts that we find in all the great world religions; love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, tolerance and self forgetfulness.

But also, an exhortation both to myself and the reader that our lives may be richer in the spirit of gratitude.

We seem too often to live in a world of cynicism and suspicion where we are encouraged to belittle and condemn. The best of Christianity is an encouragement to continually give thanks for all that we have and to see all that we have as a gift from God.

This could not be more true in the gratitude that Ruth and I would like to express to you all for making us so welcome since our arrival six years ago. You have been a community that supports, loves and forgives others and for your loving support and forgiveness of both Ruth and I, we will be forever grateful.

Finally (a most welcome word in any ‘Notes from the Rectory’). Any good that we manage to accomplish in an earthly life, is for the Christian, a mark that God is at work in us. We should therefore be grateful not only to and for each other, but also to and for the God whose spirit lives and works in each one of us and for whose life and work we should be thankful.

Our future address will appear in the next issue of the magazine. Do please come and see us if you are down in the West Country.

With our love and best wishes,