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Electoral roll

Church Electoral Roll Churches of St. Mary the Virgin Chiddingstone and St. Luke’s Chiddingstone Causeway.

The Electoral Roll is the church's register of electors. Those on the Electoral Roll are entitled to attend the Annual Parochial Church Meeting and vote for the election of members of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and the parish representative on the Deanery Synod. Every six years the parishes are required to renew the churches’ Electoral Roll.

To remain on the Electoral Roll you MUST now re-register, even if you have been on previous Electoral Rolls.

In order to renew your registration, please complete and return an Electoral Roll form, which can be downloaded here.

The Chiddingstone churches are required to complete our new Electoral Roll not less than two weeks before our Annual Parochial Church Meeting on 28th April 2019. In order to allow time for the new list to be compiled, we are asking for forms to be returned not later than 10 April 2019.

We would welcome new members to the list of either St Mary’s Chiddingstone or St Luke’s Chiddingstone Causeway. Anyone who has been baptised and is over the age of 16 can apply, so if there is anyone in your family, or any others, who would like to register, please pass a form onto them.

Privacy notice

The privacy notice for with details of how we use your data in the Electoral Roll is available here.


Electoral roll, St Mary's (draft of 7/4/19)

Electorial roll, St Luke's (draft of 7/4/19)