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The way forward

We were disappointed to be told recently that the Bishop “is minded not to try to recruit again to this Priest-in-charge post at this juncture”. Whilst a temporary post (with a visiting priest) is one option on the table, it was made clear by the Diocese that their goal is the re-organisation of rural parishes into groups with one priest covering a minimum population of 3,000 (the Chiddingstones are approximately 1,200).

A PCC meeting was held last week with wide-ranging discussion and ideas were aired. We are currently reviewing and refining these before an agreed response and counter-proposal is put to the Diocese.

In the meantime, we remain greatly appreciative of the efforts of so many within the parish, and our visiting clergy, who have ensured that our worship together with pastoral care, weddings, and much much more can continue in traditional fashion. Two parishioners (Helen Barnes - Causeway and Jane Ann Golds - Hoath) have agreed to be pastoral helpers. They have had relevant training and their contact details will appear on the front cover of this magazine. In support of Carol Benton, our Pastoral Assistant, they are willing to act as a first port-of-call in their part of the parish.

No-one who was present at the Centenary Remembrance Service could fail to be moved by the silhouettes amongst us and the wonderfully poignant contributions by the schoolchildren and others in the community. The blessing of the beautiful altar frontal and the crucifix returned from the battlefield fitted perfectly into a memorable service. To have a local congregation of around 300 and a collection of over £1,000 was testimony to the gratitude of our village to those brave men who failed to return. We did not, and will not forget them.


Any wedding matters should continue to be addressed to our wedding co-ordinator, Sue Coleman (870435).

Any pastoral matters should be addressed to the Pastoral Assistant, Carol Benton (870483).

Any Christenings or other matters relating to St Mary's or St Luke's should go to the relevant churchwardens please (contact numbers in our local directory).